Before you get started with the valuation process for your home, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with your local market so you’re not going into the process relying on one source only. Here’s how you can get to know the value of your home:

 As a part of the services provided by a real estate agent, we would visit your property and give you a free property appraisal. (This is an estimate of the value of your property).

Real Estate Agents will generally offer this appraisal for free so we can build a relationship with you. We tend to focus on one specific area, and with that, develop deep knowledge of the local market.

Local agents also know exactly what buyers in your area are looking for as they’re talking to them all the time. So, would give you an appraisal but can also suggest ways to help to bump up the value of your property ahead of hitting the market.

We will also look at the number of sold properties in your area and the general inventory. We would have viewed many of these homes in your neighbourhood and would know how your home measures up.

Other factors that may weigh into the home’s value could include your property’s curb appeal. Furthermore, it’s access to local amenities, decorations, and move-in readiness.

If your house price has been set too high, you may not receive any serious offers.

This could lead to your home being on the market for a longer time period, which may scare away further buyers who may believe that something is inherently wrong with the property. As well as thinking that there is something wrong with the home, buyers may bargain for a lower price or refuse to pay market value on homes that have been on the market too long because they (rightly) assess that the seller is desperate for a sale. 

Yet there are also dangers in setting the bar too low; a low price could scare away buyers who may perceive that the property must have flaws or imperfections. A real estate agent will be able to prevent both of these scenarios by helping you set the listing price as realistically and accurately as possible.


The Wallsend Winter Fair is a free fun filled, family friendly day. It is one of the largest, if not the largest street event in the Newcastle LGA; attracting up to 30,000 visitors throughout the day.

The Wallsend Winter Fair is an annual event, held on the 2nd Sunday in August each year … 11th August 2019.

The Wallsend Winter Fair brings generations together to support local business, market stalls, community groups, charities, schools, sporting groups, local entertainers, talent schools and more.

The day commences at 9am with the Grand Parade. The Parade is always well supported by entrants and the thousands of people that line the Parade route early in the morning to cheer on the many groups and organisations the event supports.

Approximately 25 Parade entrants are led by marching, pipe and brass bands down the full length of the main street of Wallsend (Nelson Street). The day is officially opened at 10am with the winners of the Grand Parade being announced before the day kicks off with a full program of entertainment for the whole family.

Browse through approximately 150 vibrant specialty stalls and local businesses, that will be offering unique arts, crafts, gifts, clothing, jewellery and much more.

Take a break and enjoy the many fresh and tasty food cuisines on offer in the food precinct and from our local cafes & restaurants. Visitors can also sit back and enjoy local musicians, school bands, choirs and dance schools perform on our two stages .

Visitors that enjoy the thrill of amusement rides… we have two precincts offering the latest rides for all the family.

You are sure to find something for everyone at this FREE family event!!

The Wallsend Winter Fair is a Wallsend Town Business Association project.

Sydney may have been the real estate hot spot for almost half a decade, but it’s time to turn our attention to a booming regional area 160 kilometres away, experts say.

Being a landlord isn’t as easy as just leasing out your property to tenants and collecting rent payments each month. In fact, being a landlord is a serious matter that comes with an important set of legal rights and responsibilities you must abide by.

Selling a house is perhaps one of the most stressful times in an adult’s life. How do you make your home more appealing than your neighbours? Small fixes around the house can increase the value of a home and potentially make a quicker sale. Larger fixes will appeal to a greater market. Whether you're planning on selling or just want a nicer place to live, read on to find out what you can do to add value to your home for as little as a few dollars.

In such a competitive rental market, you want your application to be approved. It’s common to show up to a property inspection to find a queue down the street. The whole process can be demoralising, and the competition can seem insurmountable. Even with all this competition, there are a few simple things you can do to move your application to the top of the pile.


Your home is the most important thing to maintain. Most Australians will rent a home at some point in their lives and, if you do, you may be subject to periodic inspections as stated in your rental contract.


Your pets will always be aware that something new is happening. As with humans, your pets enjoy comfortable and familiar surroundings. Moving away from routines will increase the stress levels. 

Selling your house can be a difficult time as you say goodbye to all the memories made in your home.  When it comes to choosing how to sell your home can be just as difficult.  Selling a property takes preparation, real estate knowledge and negotiation skills. Preparation to make sure the right paperwork is ready and every box is ticked off ready to sell, real estate knowledge to know how to play the game and negotiation skills to get the most value out of your property.



Turning your house into its most marketable shape might land you a buyer with a dream offer. And it might all come from a terrific open house the kind where nothing remotely goes wrong.

You don’t have to hire a pro home stager and rent all new furniture to get the look buyers love. We asked agents and home staging experts for their secret staging hacks. Here are nine little moves that have a great impact for minimal effort or money.