Selling your house can be a difficult time as you say goodbye to all the memories made in your home.  When it comes to choosing how to sell your home can be just as difficult.  Selling a property takes preparation, real estate knowledge and negotiation skills. Preparation to make sure the right paperwork is ready and every box is ticked off ready to sell, real estate knowledge to know how to play the game and negotiation skills to get the most value out of your property.



There are many ways to sell your home and the main two are through a real estate agent or private selling. Both ways have pros and cons and it’s a personal preference on which one you choose to go with.


Real Estate Agent Pros:

  • Real estate agents have a database full of buyers ready to purchase their dream home or an investment property

  • Are Professional in all aspects of the selling process

  • Take the pressure off you as the property owner

  • Will give you advice on ways to increase the value of your property

  • Will help have your property sold within 1-2 months

  • Correctly value your property

Real Estate Agent Cons:

  • Agent fees

Private selling Pros:

  • No Agent fees

  • Could take a long time to sell your property

Private selling Cons:

  • Takes a lot of time to prepare all the correct documents

  • Will have to perform your own home inspections

  • People will have their own opinion on your home that you must try and put aside

  • Remaining professional

  • Perform ethically 


Selling your home through an agent will relieve any stress that you may feel when it comes to selling your property. You will have many other thoughts running through your mind such as packing, moving, money, family etc. Agents will take on the responsibility and will help you get the most for your property and do all the leg work for you.

When you go to sell you property next and you come to a standstill on whether you would like to go through an agency or not come back and have a look at the list of positive and negatives and see which will best suit your situation.