The First Home Owner Grant has changed and evolved since it was introduced 16 years ago. The national scheme makes funds available for first home buyers and if often coupled with savings on stamp duty for first timers too. Here is the lowdown on what is available to first home buyers in New South Wales.


When it comes to moving homes, it can sometimes feel like a whirlwind and you are unsure on what the best way to do it. Well we have put together some helpful hints to make moving that little bit easier for you. Please see below our 15 Top Tips to help your move be stress free. 

Making an Offer and Negotiating the Close

Every person who invests in a property wants to be able to make a profit from it when it comes time to sell. 

So, you’re thinking about moving out and Renting?


When it comes time to choosing the right property for you there are two main factors that you need to think of, Wants and Needs. Many people may think that Wants and Needs are the same thing but in reality, they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Studies show that 95% of people will buy a home that gives them a good feeling or has all of what they want, where 5% purchase a home that is the solution to a problem and has all their Needs.  

Selling your home

 When it comes time to selling your home you may come to a standstill on what you can do to get the most profit from your property. Selling you hope can be a difficult time as you have made so many fond memories, raised a family or even built it yourself. When it comes to selling your home, as hard as this may seem, you need to take all of that emotion out of the equation.

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